Guest house in Utveien 6





















Guest rooms are available for visitors and others associated to NMBU.

Utveien 6 is located close to the university and the central city functions in Ås; public transportation lines, shops, bank, post office, etc.

Alternative 1: Utveien 6 G, single apartment

Alternative 2: Utveien 6 E, room in apartment, 4 people sharing kitchen/ bath room

Laundry room is located in the basement of Utveien 6 G.


In periods of high demand, apartments at Pentagon student village will also be available as guest accommodation.
The apartments at Pentagon student village and Utveien 6 will have the same conditions.



Pr night: 750,- single room/ 920,- double room

1/2 month: 4300,- single room/ 6500,- double room

1 month: 6500,- single room/ 8700,- double room

Beddings, towels, internet, kitchen equipment, access to laundry room and cleaning on departure is included.



Request about availability, please send e-mail to:

Please specify:

     Date of arrival - date of departure
     Name of the guest(s)
     Name of invoice recipient
     invoice address

You will shortly receive a reply to your request, by e-mail.



Arrival / Departure:

SiÅs Housing is open between 10-15 Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday we are closed.

If you want to collect the key when the office is closed you must make an appointment with SiÅs:

Please remember to collected the key at SiÅs office between 12 and 15 on the day of arrival, and delivered before 12pm on the day of departure. The room will be billed until key is returned.



Cancelling your room reservation:

Please cancel at least 3 business days before arrival. If canceled later, you will be billed for up to 3 days.

If you do not arrive, you will be billed for up to 3 days.

In case of shortened stay, you will be billed for up to 3 days beyond the departure date.




Parking permit is required. When you receive confirmation of your reservation, please notify us if you need a parking permit.



SiÅs welcomes you to our guest house. We hope you will have a pleasant stay. For more information:






Adresse: SiÅs, 1432 Ås. Tlf: 64 96 63 00. Faks: 64 96 63 15. E-post: Webmaster